Feature Friday: Buttermilk Pie Co.

It’s Friday!  I know you are all so excited for the weekend!

Sorry the post has gotten out late the past couple of days, internet issues at the office.  Gotta love wifi.

Today we are featuring something so scrumptious, you won’t want to miss out.

Buttermilk Pie Co. is new to the business world and going ahead at full speed.  Amanda Wilbanks, the owner, only started her business just a few months ago, but her pies are now in demand and not to mention dangerously delicious! I can vouch for that…yummm


Amanda was able to fill us in on a little bit of her business, with a few basic questions we asked her.  She is such a sweet  person and I have enjoyed getting to know her through this.  Enjoy! xoxo

What services does Buttermilk  provide?

At Buttermilk Pie Co. we create pies from scratch using the finest ingredients. Our pies crusts are made with ALL REAL BUTTER and rolled by hand. We pride ourselves on preserving the quality and taste of our pies by using farm fresh ingredients and produce from local growers whenever possible.


From corporate to personal gifts, to weddings and special events, we customize each of our to fit your needs while striving to exceed your expectations. We offer beautiful custom packaging and shipping all over the US. Our all butter pie crust is sure to satisfy and bring joy to the most discerning of tastes.


Where is Buttermilk located?

Gainesville, Georgia. We are to celebrating the Grand Opening of our first retail location at 302B Broad Street beside of Schlotsky’s Deli, near the Downtown Gainesville Square.


How long have you been in business?

est. October 2012

We started our business in October of 2012, but I suppose I unconsciously began preparing for it long before then. I’ve always loved cooking. I have scars on my right hand from cooking as a young child. I used to stand in a chair over an electric skillet and stir the gravy every Sunday after church at my Grandmother’s house. As soon as I finished the gravy, I would slide my chair down the counter and dredge my hands in flour: No Sunday lunch in the South is complete without homemade biscuits. Yet, ironically enough, I had never made a homemade pie dough in my life until two years ago. When my husband’s mother taught me how to make French pastry dough my love of pie began. I had no idea pie could taste so good…so rich…so buttery…hhhmmmm…so comforting. I started with one a month, then two, and pretty soon I began spiraling out of control. By early October of 2012 I was baking three pies a week. My husband came in on a Tuesday, and after eating his last and final half of a pie, he said, “Either stop baking or start selling, Amanda! ” And within three days, my husband had signed me up for a festival where I could sell my pies for the first time. We baked over 50 pies in two days and sold out completely at the festival. We are excited to open our first pie shop in the WONDERFULLY SUPPORTIVE community of Gainesville, Georgia where we participated in our FIRST festival, Mule Camp.  Please come by and support us at our new location or check us out online!



Right: Amanda selling her pies for the first time at Mule Camp. Left: Amanda signing the lease to her new store!

What is you favorite aspect of working with wedding parties:

We love working with brides and their families because we feel we have something unique, fun, and truly yummy to add to their wedding day or rehearsal dinner. Our part isn’t stressful. Dessert if always fun. Everyone loves dessert (homemade pie), right?

How is your business unique compared to others in your field:

We truly “take the cake.” We offer grooms an alternative since they often express a desire for something other than typical grooms cake. Homemade pie is a great tasting dessert that is classy yet still beautifully elegant. Our pies pair well with wedding cakes to create a beautiful dessert bar also. Wedding guests love a dessert bar because they are able to pick from a variety of desserts instead of being limited to one selection. 


mmm…want more info??


SuSu’s Buttermilk Pie is our signature pie! You must try it.

**All images (except for the ones of Amanda) are compliments of
Nina Parker Photography
If you like her work, email me and I will get you contact info.  She did a great job!**
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